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How To Prepare For An Open House »

General Tips »

  • Attend to any potential hazards.
  • Lock away or remove valuables - i.e. jewelry.
  • Avoid cooking food with strong odors.
  • Fresh coffee or baked items very welcoming.
  • In poor weather, provide a place for overshoes, boots, etc.
  • In winter, if you have a fireplace have it lit.
  • Assess what needs cleaning, repaired or changed before opening home to potential buyers.

Areas To Look At »

Kitchen and bathrooms:all surfaces cleaned, organize countertops, sinks and faucets work properly.
Other rooms:vacuum, dust, remove clutter (including excess furniture), neatly store books, toys and clothing, clean mirrors, open drapes and pull up blinds on windows.
Floor covering:remove dirt and stains, repair damages, hardwood covered by carpet - remove carpet and restore wood.
Walls, ceilings, baseboards:clean fingerprints or stains. Repair holes, cracks, chipped paint, ripped wallpaper, water damage.
Doors:fix squeaks and make sure handles secure and work properly.
Windows:clean and repair cracks, easy to open.
Lighting:sufficient light, fix broken switches and exposed wiring.
Pet areas:clean, organized and odor free.
Outside the home:gates open easily, clean exterior surfaces - decks, pools, walkways, driveways and make them tidy.
Seasonal issues:snow removed from walkways and driveway, lawn cut, flower beds weeded, etc.
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